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The story of a Northern Inuit Widower

Hi all,

For those that dont know me, my name is Russell Kelham, husband of the N.I. Breed Advisor Julie and Chairperson of the society.

Here I am having a break from my other job as Show Manager at our Essex show. I'm the one sitting down, pictured with my sometimes assistant Dai. I would like to give you a small insight into my life as 'A Northern Inuit Widower.'

As I stated previously, I am the long suffering husband of the Society Founder, Julie. I'm the one you see behind the wheel, chauffuering her around the country when I'd much rather be fishing or playing golf.

Don't get me wrong, I love our 12 dogs and wouldn't be without them, but when you've been on the market since 5am, and stood all day in the shop, loaded the van to go home and it's 6pm on a cold, wet saturday in November, and you've still got another 20 minutes before you've got a nice hot coffee in your hand, then from the other side of the living room, a little voice reminds me that SHE has made a promise to call on so and so this evening on society / Inuit related business, and it's a 150 mile round trip! Or 'the roof is leaking on one of the kennels, could you just pop out and see if you can fix it.' Then there's my all time favourite; it's 2:30 in the morning, it's thundering and through the warm wonderful drowsiness I get 'darling, you couldnt just pop down and put the kennel lights on as the dogs might be frightened' Dont worry, I didn't! I do love you and the dogs, but please, can I go back to sleep now?!

PS, what do you call a woman who's got a dog on a lead in each hand and a telephone glued to her ear?......

... 'JULIE'

Julie with Brodie & Freya, two of our girls