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First NI in Indonesia

Posted by mahlek-northerninuitdogs on March 18, 2016 at 11:20 AM

We are very proud to be the first kennel to export a Northern Inuit to Indonesia!

Mahlek Northern Inuits has successfully arranged the exportation of Meryvn, a 19 week puppy, to Indonesia. After months of planning and his owners visiting him in the UK, Mervyn landed in Indonesia in February 2016! For those that may question the Indonesia, Meryvn is living in an air-conditioned house by the beach. Northern Inuits can do very well in hot countries if they are properly cared for as their coats are very adaptable (so in hotter climates they do not grow such a thick coat). Meryvn’s owners say he has settled in extremely well and enjoys the company of another dog and long walks on the beach! You can follow Meryvn’s journey on our Facebook Group, Northern Inuit Society Dogs.


Here is Mervyn enjoying his life in Indonesia.

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