Mahlek Northern Inuit Dogs

Simply the Best

Breed Standard

General Appearance
A dog of medium build, athletic but not racy. Slightly longer than tall (as 10-9), with leg length slightly longer than overall depth of body . Oval bone is neither too heavy nor too light.

Not too broad, skull slightly domed. Muzzle slightly longer than skull, strong and gentle tapering. Lips close fitting and always black. Cheeks flat. Nose black (winter noses acceptable) and nostrils large. Scissor bite.

Oval, forward facing and set at a slightly oblique angle. Any colour or colour combination permitted

Set fairly high, not too large and carried erect.

Strong and muscular with a well defined nape.

Moderately sloping. Elbows fitting close to chest, which must not be too broad.

Topline level, ribs well back. Loin short and deep with no exaggerated tuck up. Croup broad and fairly short but not steep. Tail set fairly high and reaching to the hock, carried down when standing, may be lifted when exicted. Good rear angulation. Short hocks.

Hind Feet
Oval, may have five toes, dewclaws permitted.

Fore Feet
Round, pasterns upright but flexible. Pads black and well cuishioned with hair.

Dense double coat, slightly harsh in texture, well defined ruff and breeches. Tail bushy.

Easy and far reaching covers the ground

Bitches 22 " minimum, dogs 24" minimum. - Overall balance more important than size.


Pure White or any shade of Grey and Sable through to pure Black. White faces and dark masks are comitted but any colour change should be subtle.

Friendly and placid, never aggressive or showing any guarding tendancies. Will submit when challenged.

Gay (curly) tails, long soft silk coats, patchy/pinto or Black and Tan colours.

Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.